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What is an intervention for addiction to drugs, alcohol or prescription Medication?

We believe no one wants to be addicted to drugs or alcohol. For some, the alternative to life using, is to live sober with emotional pain, spiritual scarring and a chemical imbalance. Addicted individuals live in extreme emotional pain while also lacking emotional regulation. This is why addiction has been labeled as 'self-medicating.'

Pathway interventions has developed an intervention strategy for creating a highly successful intervention technique guided by the philosophy of addiction ownership. Our intervention services offer an approach designed to motivate healing while gaining commitment to enter a drug or alcohol treatment program. We gain the commitment from an addicted individual by using intervention strategies to emotionally connect with your loved ones innate human characteristics. It is here where we will find the true authentic self of your loved one to create the forward motion to change.

What will the Family Intervention be like?

With our belief about addiction, we have spent many years perfecting our intervention strategies. Our intervention will awaken their openness to accept treatment, instill encouragement to face the pain and to perpetuate surrendering to the addiction. In addition to offering family interventions, we will also assist your family in located a treatment center that is geographically and financially suitable. Call our intervention program today and learn more.


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